Thai Airways International JET SKI WORLD CUP 2017


Don’t blink! Coz the hottest jet ski tournament in the world is here!!!

December 7-10, Jomtien Beach, Pattaya City, Thailand.

For this year, we have racers representing more than 40 countries and the number of international riders has increased over the past years. Absolutely, we will bring the bigger and the hotter fun of jet ski to the worldwide audience than ever before.

And for those you who can not attend this live tournament, Thai Airways International JET SKI WORLD CUP 2017 will be broadcast live all over the world. We have been able to watch the competition simultaneously through the live broadcast of Jetski Worldcup Facebook page.

Australian/New Zealand entries are as follows:

Pro Runabout GP
#20 Guy Greenland
#19 James Masterton

Pro-Am Endurance
#6A Christian D’Agostin
#20 Guy Greenland

Pro-Am Runabout Stock
#81 Bailey Cunningham
#94 Mitch Casey
#111A Sebastian Birch

Pro-Am Womens Ski Limited
#T95 Jamie-Lee Spence
## Kylie Ellmers

You can see the event schedule here: