NSWPWC AquaX Series Rd 2 and Pointscore

Another good turnout for round 2 of the 2017 NSWPWC AquaX series on March 5. Spark class sponsored by Sea-Doo Australia again attracted good entries and most of the interstate riders came back for another crack. With $150, $100 and $50 up for grabs for the top 3 at every round Sea-Doo Australia have backed up with support to grow the class and give something back to the riders. Definitely a class on the way up.

Here’s the running total for the 2 rounds so far:



Mark Dallow

Showroom Stock Circuit

1st Mark Dallow 460
2nd Paul Bazely 351
3rd Jason Ivins 332
4th Luke James 177
5th Richard Holmes 160
6th Aaron Moyle 149
7th Ash Deadman 123
8th Axel La Toison 111
9th Aaron Haynes 33


Mitch Wayt

Stock Spec Circuit

1st Mitch Wayt 322
2nd Mitch Casey 300
3rd Mark Quitadamo 256
4th Bailey Cunningham 232
5th Corey Styles 214
6th Matthew Skelly 204
7th Shane Stuart 161
8th Gary Zaradic 144


Paul Leven

Open Circuit

1st Paul Leven 339
2nd Brett Douglas 320
3rd Matt Brunt 263
4th Jamie Eade 199
5th Brendan Boyd 188
6th James Masterton 149



Tom Aiken

Lites Circuit

1st Tom Aiken 341
2nd Jett Cavanagh 322
3rd Austin O’Halloran 274
4th Mark Glew 239
5th Blair Pomery 228
6th Dean Krouskos 186
7th Kurt Eames 118
8th Michael McMillan 114
9th Michael Stevens 101
10th Craig Faccioni 93
11th Michael Kirkness 51


Kylie Elmers

Open Circuit

1st Kylie Elmers 334
2nd Justin Windsor 322
3rd Brian Colreavy 293
4th Liam O’Halloran 248
5th Justin Cooke 219
6th Daniel Piana 134
7th Scott Hunt 117
8th David Scullard 99
9th Jake Bridge 73


Jett Cavanagh

Junior Ski Circuit

1st Jett Cavanagh 348
2nd Austin O’Halloran 325
3rd Blair Pomery 293
4th Dean Krouskos 258


Kirsty Mirams

Women’s Limited

1st Kristy Mirams 173
2nd Anya Colley 166
3rd Danielle Taylor 144
4th Irene Vasilis 129
5th Eman Soliman 117


Bailey Cunningham

Spark Circuit

1st Bailey Cunningham 322
2nd Cliff Elmers 291
3rd Dean Jeffries 272
4th Shaun Bailey 216
5th Mitch Boulden 214
6th Irene Vasilas 192
7th Mitch Blizzard 168
8th Darryl Apps 154
9th Anya Colley 129
10th Jarrod Baird 124
11th Daniel Bussa 114
12th Stuart Ridgewell 63
19 Mike Krouskos 24

Mark Dallow

Showroom Stock Runabout Enduro

1st Mark Dallow 1580
2nd Paul Bazely 1528
3rd Krisy Mirams 1424
4th Nik Pazanin 1408
5th Danielle Taylor 1384
6th Ryan Coyle 748
7th Jason Ivins 740
8th Ash Deadman 712
9th Aaron Moyle 380
10th Aaron Haynes 348

Mitch Casey

Stock Spec Runabout Enduro

1st Mitch Casey 1548
2nd Mitch Wayt 1528
3rd Chinni Rao 1476
4th Adam Wildin 1452
5th Mark Quitadamo 1432
6th Justin Windsor 352


Kylie Elmers

Open Runabout Enduro

1st Kylie Elmers 1568
2nd Paul Leven 1472
3rd Matt Brunt 1460
4th Brett Douglas 1422
5th Jamie Eade 1408
6th Josh Micallef 1400
7th Eman Soliman 1364
8th Les Cooke 1064
9th Matt Tyler 692
10th Konstantine Giolous 628