NSWPWC AquaX Series Rd 3 Results

Despite the unrelenting rain and storms that hammered the East Coast for  the last 2 weeks the NSWPWC AquaX Rd 3 went ahead on 19 March without a drama, in fact little to no rain fell the entire time of the race schedule and only started briefly once racing was completed and pack up was underway. Numbers though were depleted by many of the Queensland entries who were unable to make the journey down due to road and highway flooding. Still a great turnout given the conditions and certain to shake up the overall points with 1 round remaining. We will post the overall points standings when we receive them from the NSWPWC. Keep a lookout for Round 3 photo gallery in the next few days!

ROUND 3 Results

Showroom Stock Runabout


1st   Mark Dallow 173
2nd   Paul Bazeley 166
3rd   Luke James 134
4th   Ash Deadman 96
5th   Richard Holmes 39

Stock Spec Runabout

Stock Spec

1st   Mitch Wayt 180
2nd   Mitch Casey 154
3rd   Matthew Skelly 139
4th   Mark Quitadamo 139

Open Runabout


1st   Paul Leven 173
2nd   Les Cooke 113

Spark (Sponsored by Sea-Doo Australia)


1st   Anya Colley 153
2nd   Darryl Apps 152
3rd   Dean Jeffries 134
4th   Shaun Bailey 130
5th   Cliff Elmers 127
6th   Irene Vasilas 110
7th   Mitch Boulden 109
8th   Jarrod Baird 102
9th   Stuart Ridgewell 90

Lites Ski

Lites Ski

1st   Tom Aiken 173
2nd   Jett Cavanagh 166
3rd   Austin O’Halloran 139
4th    Blair Pomery 134
5th   Mark Glew 117
6th   Dean Krouskos 105
7th   Michael Stevens 0

Open Ski

1st   Kylie Elmers 173
2nd   Brian Colreavy 166
3rd   Justin Cooke 144
4th   Daniel Piana 82
5th   Liam O’Halloran 43

Womens Runabout


1st   Kristy Mirams 163
2nd   Anya Colley 161
3rd   Danielle Taylor 149
4th   Irene Vasilas 139

Junior Ski

Junior Ski

1st   Jett Cavanagh 180
2nd   Austin O’Halloran 159
3rd   Blair Pomery 144
4th   Dean Krouskos 129

Showroom Enduro

Showroom Enduro

1st   Paul Bazely 800
2nd   Mark Dallow 760
3rd   Ryan Coyle 728
4th   Ash Deadman 728
5th   Kirsty Mirams 704
6th   Nik Pazanin 696
6th   Danielle Taylor 688

Stock Enduro

Stock Enduro

1st   Mitch Wayt 768
2nd   Mitch Casey 760
3rd   Adam Wildin 748
4th   Chinni Rao 740

Open Enduro

Open Enduro

1st   Kylie Elmers 800
2nd   Paul Leven 760
3rd   Josh Micallef 720
4th   Matt Tyler 720
5th   Travis 368

Thanks to Nathan Wethered, Michael Richards, Michael Stevens, Taylor Aiken, Jenny Aitken, Dean Jeffries, Mark Quitadamo, Nik Pazanin, Tom Aiken, Chinni Rao, Liam O’Halloran, Angie & Matthew Skelly and Paul Leven and all the other helpers.