Gallery: 2017 AJSP Australian Watercross Championships – ENDURO

L to R: Brett Douglas – Rhiannon Milne collecting for Christian D’Agostin – Guy Greenland

Enduro Open is the ultimate power vs strategy test, deciding on speed, boost and fuel consumption is a surefire way to turn your head inside out but Christian D’Agostin is becoming a master in nailing the formula. Never leading against the fast skis he stitched together top finishes in both races that others simply couldn’t match and the age old racing meme rang true once more – to finish first you first must finish. That makes it five Australian Enduro Championship titles in a row for Christian D’Agostin, an impressive tally in anyone’s books. Brett Douglas was second with Guy Greenland third. Honourable mention to Chinni Rao who was up into second in moto 2 before the red flag on his 711 Wollongong City Jet Ski Kawasaki 310.

Enduro Pro Am Stock Spec was won by Mitch Wayt on his GP1800 with Mitch Casey coming in second even after Casey crashed in a massive high side in the second moto which caused concern for everyone on the beach for a while as the race was red flagged and he was brought ashore by the water safety team. Eventually he fully recovered and it was good to see him walk off from the medic tent, shaken but ok.

Enduro Showroom Stock was hard fought with the Kawasaki  310 of Paul Bazeley in his element in the rough second moto to take the overall from an impressive showing by relative newcomer Kristy Mirams on another Kawasaki with Brett Whittaker in third.