2017/18 NSWPWC AquaX Series Rd 1 and pointscore

St George Sailing Club venue for Round 1

The 2017/2018 NSWPWC AquaX series sprung back into life on the 19 November with the opening round of a 6 round series taking in the next 6 months with the final round in early May 2018.  The Sydney club drawing from its talented ranks a new committee headed up by Corey Styles as President is standing out as one of the few clubs offering a full race schedule for both Endurance and Circuit racing and making a point of attracting and nurturing up and coming talent as well as rookie competitors out for the first time.

NSWPWC AquaX Series Calendar 2017/2018

Rd2 – 21 Jan 2018
Rd 3 – 18 Feb 2018
Rd 4 – 18 Mar 2018
Rd 5 – 22 Apr 2018
Rd 6 – 6 May 2018

19 Feb 2017 saw sunshine and a great turnout, many from interstate keen on a well run, competitive and proven race format. 74 entries across 6 Enduro and 8 Circuit categories with Rec Lites again most popular but very good entries in the new Rookie Limited Endurance class too. 

Enduro start

Results – Rd 1 NSWPWC AquaX (12 Nov 2017)

Rec Lites Enduro
1st Cliff Ellmers 800pts
2nd Anthony Di Pietro 760pts
3rd Shaun Bailey 736pts
4th Bailey Cunningham 712pts
5th David Karabulut 712pts
6th Stuart Redgwell 348pts

Naturally Aspirated Endurance
1st Raymond Bennett 780pts
2nd Nik Pazanin 780pts
3rd Daniel Bell 368pts

Showroom Stock Endurance
1st Zac Lo Presti 780pts
2nd Paul Mullens 768pts
3rd Phillip Borg 728pts
4th Jordan Heaton 380pts

Limited Endurance
1st Mitch Wayt 780pts
2nd Joshua Micallef 748pts
3rd Chinni Rao 728pts
4th Travis Trethowan 712pts
5th Adam Wilden 700pts
6th Matt Tyler 692pts
7th Sam Kajtezovic 684pts
8th Dave Vella 400pts

GP Endurance
1st Mitch Wayt 780pts
2nd Paul Leven 780pts
3rd Chinni Rao 736pts
4th Kylie Ellmers 712pts
5th Leslie Cooke 708pts
6th Paulo Lorenzutta 352pts

Rookie Limited
1st Dave Helleman 760pts
2nd Aaron Moyle 748 pts
3rd Sean Berghofer 740pts
4th Bruno Gullaci 728pts
5th Manuel Vassallo 716 pts
6th Sal Kreidie 712 pts
7th Sebouh Bahadourian 688pts
8th Luke Ngyuen 688pts

AM Limited Circuit
1st Mark Quitadamo 180pts
2nd Nick Burns 154 pts
3rd Matthew Skelly 144pts
4th Ryan Coyle 48pts

Showroom Stock Circuit
1st Zac Lo Presti 173 pts
2nd Paul Mullens 139pts
3rd Axel La Toison 139pts
4th Luke James 114pts
5th Nik Pazanin 108pts
6th Irene Vasilas 92pts
7th Jordan Heaton 33pts

Junior Lites Ski Circuit
1st Blair Pomery 173pts
2nd Austin Ohalloran 166pts
3rd Bryce Pomery 144pts
4th Jai Stewart 129pts

Lites Ski Circuit
1st Tom Aiken 173pts
2nd Jett Cavanagh 166pts
3rd Brian Colreavy 139pts
4th Blair Pomery 134pts

Rec Lites Circuit
1st Bailey Cunningham 180pts
2nd Shaun Bailey 149pts
3rd Cliff Ellmers 129pts
4th David Karabulut 124pts
5th Joshua Micallef 122pts
6th Irene Vasilas 121pts
7th Dean Jefferies 72pts
8th Matthew Skelly 69pts
9th Travis Trethowan 27pts

Ski Modified
1st Kylie Ellmers 173pts
2nd Mitch Masterton 156pts
3rd Liam Ohalloran 149pts
4th Scott Hunt 134pts
5th Leslie Cooke 39pts

PRO Limited Circuit
1st Mitch Wayt 180pts
2nd Nick Burns 159pts

GP Circuit
1st Paul Leven 180pts
2nd Kylie Ellmers 159pts
3rd Nick Burns 139pts
4th Matt Brunt 134pts

Pro Gp Runabout

Jett Cavanagh leading eventual overall winner Tom Aiken in Lites Ski

Bailey Cunningham back from shoulder recon taking the overall in Rec Lites

Amateur Limited start with #22 Mark Q dominant in this category with 3 wins

Kylie Ellmers #553 with the jump but currrent champ Paul Leven #1 three from three to take the overall in Pro GP.

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