2017 Australian Watercross GP Ski Champion – Justin Windsor

“I am super excited to have the number 1 plate!. It was definitely the goal going into the weekend, but wasn’t without a bunch of challenges. The first time I got to ride my race ski was on the sighting lap before the first moto and I had a few handling issues which we thankfully managed to remedy before the start! I knew I had to ride smart this weekend to get the number 1 plate. We had a late night Saturday night working on some mechanical issues but were ready to go Sunday and went out and clinched the title. My Seadoo Centre Trak is phenomenal and I can’t wait to spend some more time on it preparing for Kings cup!”

“I would like to thank those that helped me this past week it was a crazy week and a big thank you goes to Rob White, Wayne Vuurman, Brett Douglas, Bailey Cunningham, Gary and Matt from Worx racing. My beautiful wife Dani for her love and support and of course my 2 boys Chase and Ryder! Also a big shoutout to the AJSBA for putting on an awesome event and of course the safety crew were amazing.” – Justin Windsor

2017 Australian Watercross GP Ski Champion

L to R: Zac Humphreys – Justin Windsor – Kylie Ellmers – Daniel Piana